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Venus Factor-How to determine the calorific value

If you ingest the required amount of calories but not enough protein, the body will not build muscle but burn the existing ones. If the maximum cut fat and increase carbohydrate, you will start to gain weight, even lowering calorie consumption by 20%.


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No concept as the "caloric value of exists.
Everything depends on the ingredients made with beef fat will have a value with lean meat, other. But the appearance of the dish can be exactly the same.

If you see that the salad leaves are bright, it is because, obviously, put olive oil, but no one can say how much fat was in this portion.

 The only way to determine the approximate composition of the food is weighing the ingredients before cooking.
How to determine the calorific value

The simplest method to determine the calorific value is to weigh the portion of the product being used and use information on the label. It is obvious that for this you will need an electronic kitchen scale and a calculator.

As for hot, to calculate the caloric value of each portion is necessary to weigh the ingredients before preparing

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