Thursday, 10 April 2014

Joey Atlas-To Fight Cellulite

Laser Triactive and Smoothshapes

combines laser Triactive between the effects of advanced technology for the laser diode with a suction massage technique. Vallaiser heats the fat cells and reshapes the shape and rehashes fatty belts, and so by enhancing the production of collagen. This technique requires a commitment of time - a session to three sessions a week over several weeks, and then visit every three to six months.

The laser Smoothshapes combines the suction and massage along the waves Laser Mtadddh. Helps laser to melt the fat and make it liquid, while extending Sucking the skin to improve the penetration of the laser, and they come out of the fat cells into the lymphatic system to be discharged.

give these treatments moderate to good results, despite some differences in the clinical outcomes. It is interesting that women are not relieved by Callahan to these treatments, even though there is no way to predict whether it will get any better or not.
Highful Information
study also showed about treatment Triactive that the improvement in cellulite was limited to only 21 percent. For SmoothShapes, which is a more modern technique somewhat, showing an improvement by 76 percent in Alsiuliet after treatment lasted for six months.

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