Friday, 11 April 2014

Massage to get rid of cellulite at home-Truth About Cellulite

Did you try all known ways to get rid of "cellulite", however this still exist? Have you found that the project weight loss easier, much simpler than getting rid of "cellulite"?!, Said that "cellulite" is a toxin stuck under the skin;

therefore it is not easy to get rid of them in simple ways, but found that there is a massage save you from cellulite you can do done at home without having to waste time and money in beauty salons.

Here are the most important tips that interest you while doing massage in your home:
The massage of the oldest methods used to get rid of "cellulite", where he works massage to melt the fat and improve blood circulation, is also working pressure to the affected areas to "cellulite" on the distribution of oxygen throughout the body including the skin, so Aliki some special tips massage cellulite :

• 5 minutes of your time to work daily massage to your body and if you are too busy, try to do it at least twice a week.

• Make sure to have your body hydrated before starting massage sessions, and Use essential oils or any type of "lotion" nourishing massage to facilitate the process, you can use lavender oil or ginger or peppermint, which is considered the best of all of these species as anti-cellulite.

• Test your effect of these oils on your skin before attendance used where certain types of these oils to raise the body temperature, which helps rid the body of toxins and excess weight.

• Use the index finger and thumb in the work of massage, "cellulite", and then used the stroking and smoothening Comerhlten main work in massage where working to rid the body of fluids and harmful factors.
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• Use your fingertips slowly and gently stroking action when, in the stage of straightening Use palm of the hand rather than with the fingers began stroking massage process.

• When you do a smoothening click stronger and deeper pockets of toxins at the bottom of the skin without Tqda on the skin, and then repeat this step more than once to get the best results.

To take advantage of massage do not forget the need to follow a balanced daily diet that includes fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water, as you must remember that water and proper food are cheaper and more natural ways to get rid of cellulite.

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