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Kinds of cellulite and its causes and methods of treatment

Kinds of cellulite and its causes and methods of treatment
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Divided into four types of cellulite and has several causes and appearing in the form known as orange peel skin has several factors and treatment requires treating the skin and subcutaneous tissue and fat include surface and deep fat and blood vessels and lymph.

First, four kinds of types of cellulite:
Type I: Cannot see dimples or bumps on the skin or also called "orange peel skin", when standing or lying down, or when a test, but you will see the creases and folds of the skin but not. To do the test, is a skin on the buttocks or thigh or abdomen between your thumb and forefinger.

Type II: cellulite, which is in fact the first stage of cellulite, it can also be for anyone to see the dimples (cellulite) when standing or lying down.

 However, when it performs a test disc showing dimples or bumps and clear
Type III: The second stage of cellulite, and it can be seen or boils on the buttocks, thighs or abdomen when standing but not when lying down.,

 Type IV: The third stage of cellulite, dimples and be clear when either standing or lying down                                                    
The reason for the appearance of cellulite in certain places as a result of poor blood circulation and lymph in those areas, partly genetic, hormonal or wearing tight clothing or high heels or lack of exercise or eating unhealthy.

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