Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Food Tips to help in the task of removing the fat waist and abdomen

Contributes to the abdomen or waist chubby in broadband disturb agility and beauty of the mirror, where everyone is trying in various ways to get the body limber contain belly atrophic and thin waist, and in order to get these qualities, it should be a good diet in accordance with the following tips:
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Whole grains: eating species full of beans full of wheat, brown bread and the other because it helps to get rid of the fat in the abdominal area because they contain a high proportion of fiber.

Water before eating: Eating a big glass of water before eating helps you feel full more, and thus will be the amount of food eaten much less, which helps to ease the ratio of accumulated fat around the abdomen.

Tomatoes: Research has shown that eating lycopene, beta carotene and helps in getting a smaller waist and reduces the accumulation of fat under the skin in the abdominal area.

Avoid canned foods, canned foods, where that contain the same number of calories from those foods, but this kind of food contains a large percentage of salt.

Avoid eating eggs and bananas in abundance, one of the foods that increase obesity waist area, and avoid soft drinks, which contain invasive significant amount of calories that do not have any benefits for the body.

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