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Truth About Cellulite-How stress affects health?

How Stress Affects Health? Stress a major component of the human being - a state of physical or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter the existing balance. every day are faced with the struggles and hardships and worries in our home, school or workplace, which complements all elements of stress. It would be anyone who does not succumb to this kind of state every once in a while rare.

In this day and age, the question 'How Stress Affects Health? "brought tremendous interest to most of the United States, and it may occur image increasingly on the issue. Stress is the body's response some environmental changes. Regarding our health, and this is any factor may be the result of a negative on the body and the proper functioning. Eustress versus intensity hurt, Endocrinology well known in the early thirties of the twentieth century, not all types of stress;

Thus, he said he came with intensity. we all succumb to moments of light and concise and can be controlled from nervous tension, which is to be shared, and work as catalysts positive about the growth of intellectual and emotional person. described this Eustress Selye. definition of distress to be something of the opposite, and are distressed severe physical and psychological that a devastating public health. include physiological effects of intensity on the body: -

chest pain - problems with insomnia or sleep - headaches continuing - high blood pressure - stomach ulcers Stress is said to be a factor for the production of a particular disease, or may be caused by behavioral responses negative , such as smoking, drinking alcohol and drug abuse - that may make us susceptible to diseases can negatively affect the immune system, causing the body to be less flexible to a number of health problems.

stress factors versus the response to see how stress affects health, should understand the triggers. Stress factors are events or environmental factors directly responsible for the stress response in the body.

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On the other hand, will mean stress response of how we respond to these pressures and their purpose to protect us against the threats that may provide. Can be physical reactions or emotional or mental health, or even all of them. adapt to factors stressful as a way to combat stress and helped to a large extent our ability to cope with these pressures, we combat the damaging effects.

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